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Hyalogy UV Intense protector (SPF 50)


Light, comfortable emulsion for intensive protection against the adverse effects of ultraviolet rays and prevention of photoaging of the skin.

• intensive protection against UF-radiation;
• high antioxidant protection;
• suitable for all skin types, including sensitive;
• has a detoxifying effect: helps protect the skin from toxins that form in the urban environment;
• does not overdry the skin, keeps its moisture level.

• used both during insolation and after performing any intensive cosmetic procedures (laser, IPL, peelings,
injections, aesthetic operations, cosmetic treatments).

pH value:
Recommended age:
for any age
individual intolerance to ingredients

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The cream provides powerful protection, which allows it to be used, among other things, to protect against the development of complications in the form of pigmentation after various laser procedures, after phototherapy, after RF therapy, after injections, after chemical peels.

The sun protection effect of the drug is enhanced by green tea polyphenols. Chinese camellia extract, which is part of the sunscreen emulsion, gives it not only additional sunscreen power, but also pronounced antioxidant activity. The combination of titanium dioxide and green tea extract allows this sunscreen to be used on sensitive and damaged skin.


For daily home care:
• the emulsion is applied no later than 15 minutes before sun exposure, in a thin layer on top of care products and decorative cosmetics.

• The layer of sun protection emulsion is renewed after each bath – the emulsion is not waterproof

Packing: 30 gr