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Hyalogy Protective Cream for Lips
Regenerating lip cream


  • hydration and water balance
  • intense nourishment and softening
  • immunomodulation and healing
  • maintaining a clear lip contour
  • lip volume restoration

Readings :

Dehydrated and dry skin; irritation, peeling and cracking of the skin of the lips; loss of elasticity; narrow and thin lips; improving the effect of dermal fillers and injections

Lip cream effectively protects the skin of the lips from dehydration, fills it with moisture and improves elasticity. A unique combination of low molecular weight ingredients and plant extracts enhances the immunity of the skin of the lips, eliminates peeling and discomfort, and promotes the healing of small cracks. With regular use of the cream, its own natural pigment and natural lip volume are restored. The cream provides a smoother application of makeup. The product is especially recommended for lips with uneven pigmentation, blurred contours, after volumetric or contour correction.

Application method:

  • Dispense a small amount (about 0.1 ml)
  • Spread evenly over the lips and rub the cream thoroughly into the skin of the red border.

Home care: use daily

Packaging: 9 gr

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Regenerating lip cream”

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