Men’s skin care programs

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Basic Men’s Skin Care Treatment

The treatment is specially designed to meet the basic needs of men’s skin. The procedure not only provides hydration and improves the metabolism of skin cells, has a deep cleansing and antibacterial effect, but also restores the structure of the epidermis and the hydrolipid mantle, damaged during shaving.

Moisturizing treatment for combination skin for men

The treatment is designed to combat overdrying of oily and combination skin of men, to intensively moisturize it, restore tone and elasticity, and provide a biostimulating effect. The procedure increases the stress resistance of the skin, reduces irritation and hypersensitivity, restores the protective function. The treatment is ideal for preparing the skin for sunburn and after sunburn.

Anti-aging treatment for men

The treatment is designed to prevent age-related changes specific to men’s skin, providing not only powerful detoxification and anti-inflammatory effects, but also restoration of the structure and functions of skin regeneration, activation of microcirculation and smoothing of wrinkles. The course of procedures normalizes the production and composition of sebum, prevents rosacea, significantly moisturizes and tightens the skin.