Advanced skin care programs

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Moisturizing and antioxidant protection

The treatment provides intensive hydration and restoration of the dermis structure of the dehydrated skin of a metropolitan inhabitant, protects against the aggressive effects of free radicals, enhances tissue respiration and microcirculation, and prevents rosacea.

The treatment is ideal for preparing the skin for sunburn and after sunburn.

Treatment for young skin

The treatment is designed for proper detoxification and protection of young skin with isolated inflammatory elements. The procedure deeply cleanses the skin, restoring the hydrolipid layer of the epidermis, regulates the production of sebum, stimulates skin regeneration and prevents the appearance of age spots during the healing of inflammatory elements, fights the manifestation of rosacea.

A procedure for aging skin

The procedure is aimed at preventing the manifestation of most age-related changes: wrinkles, skin thinning; decrease in tone; consequences of gravitational ptosis. The procedure provides normalization of nutrition, hydration and microcirculation of the skin, reduction of reactivity and hypersensitivity, reduction of the severity of wrinkles and improvement of facial contours.