Anti-aging facial skin therapy programs

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3D face contour modeling program

The treatment is designed to correct the signs of gravitational ptosis and maintain a clear facial contour. During the course application, powerful biostimulation of collagen and elastin synthesis is provided, as well as restoration of the structure of all skin layers, which gives a long-term effect of “tightening” the skin for a period of at least 7-8 months.

The best “Going out” procedure, provides an instant lifting effect.

3D facial contour modeling program for very dry and atonic skin

The treatment is designed to correct the signs of gravitational ptosis and maintain a clear oval for very dry and atonic skin. In addition to the pronounced and lasting lifting effect, the procedure provides intense hydration, active tissue regeneration, and a decrease in the manifestations of rosacea.

Anti-aging treatment for atonic skin

The treatment provides a comprehensive rejuvenating, regenerating and antioxidant effect on the atonic skin of the face, ensuring activation of cell metabolism, intensive nutrition and tissue protection. With a course application, the skin becomes denser, more elastic and taut.

Collagen synthesis stimulation procedure

The treatment is intended for complex rejuvenation of flabby skin with signs of gravitational ptosis and multiple wrinkles. The course of procedures stimulates the synthesis of new collagen and protects the existing one, activates tissue respiration and metabolism, improves skin turgor and smoothes wrinkles.

Anti-aging treatment for mature skin based on biomimetic peptides

The treatment based on biomimetic peptides provides a visible improvement in the structure and turgor of mature skin, enhanced stimulation of collagen synthesis, modeling of the face contour and pronounced correction of mimic wrinkles. The procedure is indispensable for rehabilitation after aesthetic surgeries.

Non-invasive biofiller procedure

A unique treatment for dehydrated skin of all types, provides excellent contouring of the face and the correction of expression lines. A one-time procedure can be used “on exit”, providing an instant lifting effect. The course of procedures prolongs the effect of injection therapy, and is also used to restore the skin after aesthetic surgeries and chemical peeling procedures.