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Hyalogy Smart Face Care Set


Home care set for mature skin

The set includes:

Hyalogy B
Hyalogy Lift Cream
Forlle’d Beauty Device


Hyalogy B:

Serum for the correction of mimic wrinkles


• reduction of mimic wrinkles and “crow’s feet”
• lifting and rejuvenation
• stimulation of cell regeneration


Hyalogy Lift Cream:

Face lifting cream


• lifting and shaping a clear contour
• wrinkle reduction
• moisturizing and antioxidant protection
• restoration of the structure and quality of the skin
• correction of signs of premature aging


Forlle’d Beauty Device:

An electronic massage device that helps the serum penetrate deep into the skin.

- +


Mode of application:

On pre-cleansed skin (use the Forlle’d 2-Phase Skin Cleansing System), apply Hyalogy B Serum to the area of expression lines (around the eyes, lips, nose).
Help the serum to be fully absorbed by using gentle tapping and
smoothing movements. Don’t rub.

Turn on the Forlle’d Beauty Device and massage in circular motions, giving each area 1-1.5 minutes. The massager heats up to 40 degrees, helping the deep penetration of the serum into the skin.

After completing the massage, apply Hyalogy Lift Cream all over the face and neck with gentle movements.

It is recommended to use Hyalogy B Serum with Forlle’d Beauty Device twice a day and Hyalogy Lift Cream once a day, daily.


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