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Beautiful Eyes care set


The set includes:

Hyalogy Eye Moistlift
Hyalogy Daily and nightly Cream for eyes
Hyalogy P-effect Sheet 2 pieces


Hyalogy Eye Moistlift

Lifting Eye Serum

• relaxation, reduction of depth and length
mimic wrinkles and wrinkles around the eyes
• alignment of skin microrelief,
smoothing of small trophic wrinkles
• increase in skin elasticity,
long-term tightening effect
• moisturizing the skin around the eyes
• protection of the skin of the eyelids and around the eyes from
exposure to free radicals
(antioxidant protection)
• reduction of dark circles under the eyes


Hyalogy Daily and nightly Cream for eyes

All purpose eye cream

• nutrition, softening and moisturizing
• prevention of “crow’s feet”
• antioxidant protection
• even skin tone
• strengthening and stimulation of eyelash growth


Hyalogy P-effect Sheet

Instant Eye Mask

• lifting and elimination of edema
• reduction of wrinkles and crow’s feet
• detoxification and antioxidant protection
• enhancing the action of serums, creams and lotions;
• moisture-retaining action.

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Mode of application:

Use Hyalogy Eye Moistlift every morning and evening
after washing and applying lotion. Apply the serum in a thin layer (about 0.1 ml) to the periorbital area. Tap in gently with your fingertips.
Apply in the evening no later than 2 hours before bedtime.
After serum, apply eye cream Hyalogy daily and
nightly cream for eyes.

Hyalogy P-effect Sheet Eye Patches can be used 1-2 times per day.
week (for mature skin), for young skin – one-time, before the “important
event.” The anti-edematous effect of the mask will become significant
stronger if the mask is chilled.


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