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Hyalogy Sprakling gel pack


Carboxytherapy or oxygen therapy is a very effective and popular professional instant skin care treatment.

Since the invention, it was only accessible when visiting a cosmetic or medical center.

Today, thanks to the efforts of Forlle’d laboratory scientists, oxygen therapy has come to every home!

The new Hyalogy Sparkling Gel Pack allows you to perform carboxytherapy without leaving your home.

The health and appearance of the skin determines the ability of the capillaries to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the cell. By the age of 40, the saturation of cells with oxygen is halved. This slow supply of oxygen and nutrients to cells is certainly reflected in the skin and manifests itself in dull, pale and uneven complexion, multiple wrinkles and age spots, loss of tone, lethargy and sagging skin. This kind of skin is typical for residents of megalopolises and big cities. And it is with these symptoms that Forlle’d’s new foaming mask – Hyalogy Sparkling Gel Pack fights against.

Home Carboxy Therapy is versatile and provides an instant “glow” effect for all skin types.

– Improves skin tone, making it uniform

– Evens out the micro-relief, providing a soft sanding effect

– Protects against free radicals and fights pigmentation

– Activates the synthesis of native collagen and vitamins

– Normalizes immunity and proper lipid synthesis

– Antibacterial and astringent

The instant effect of the mask is due to the unique combination of perfluorate esters and sodium bicarbonate.

The action of the mask is based on two effects. 1⃣ First, in combination with sodium bicarbonate, perfluorates create a powerful system for continuous generation of CO2. 2⃣ Secondly, perfluorates, when interacting with water in air, intensively form bound oxygen, which, in turn, has a pronounced antibacterial, astringent and grinding effect. That is why, immediately after applying the mask, the skin looks even, uniform and radiant.

It is the combination of rock drills and sodium bicarbonate that generates:

– 5 times longer CO2 bubble formation

– 10 times more CO2 bubbles

This means that skin cells will receive more oxygen and begin to breathe actively!

Hyalogy Sparkling Gel Pack allows for just 1 use not only to saturate the skin with oxygen, but also to replenish the lack of essential trace elements and nutrients, instantly increase the level of hydration and elasticity of the skin, providing a soft face lifting.

The mask is extremely easy to use: gently apply the gel to cleansed skin, avoiding the eye area, and leave to act for 5 to 15 minutes. Then wash off with warm water or warm compress. Do not mix anything! Just apply and wait for the right time! One package is enough for 5 procedures.

Before use, we recommend that you consult with a Forlle’d product consultant.

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